BDJ Trucking is a business that believes the drivers in our industry are the most important link in the Supply Chain. We know without the drivers in our industry our global economy would STOP! We recognize all that you do and we thank you for the hard work and sacrifice you make.

What does it mean to drive for BDJ Trucking?

It means you are among the very best drivers in the industry. Our safety criteria and review process means we hire the best and the safest drivers so that we can deliver each other and our customers the best possible service. It also means you belong to a family that takes great pride in its name and reputation.

This is an industry that has an average driver turnover rate of 104%, according to the ATA. That means drivers aren’t happy and they are always looking for a better opportunity. Look no further! At BDJ Trucking our driver turnover rate is 28%!

Why does BDJ Trucking lead the Trucking industry in driver turnover and why does a driver that works for BDJ Trucking stay with BDJ Trucking?


Honesty is key to any relationship, you need to be able to count on us and we need to count on you. Simply put, we tell you the truth! If we don’t, we know our drivers will leave us. Honesty is one of our guiding principles.


We understand why everybody comes to work. Our families at home depend on our family at work. Our drivers are home with their family every day. You must have a life at home and you must be able to see your family. BDJ Trucking believes it and honors it!


Our pay packages are tailored for all of our various positions. We have large “dedicated fleets” all around the country and each Customer has specific requirements. The pay varies in these operation based on the requirements and the earning opportunity.


The oldest truck in our fleet is 3 years old. The average age of a truck in our fleets is 18 months. We run the very best equipment and we are very proud of our partners.